Why choose online direct lender
Online direct lender has a prestigious history of getting our clients the best Direct loans available at the lowest interest rates with the best possible loan terms. That’s what we specialize in ensuring that you not only get approved for a loan but the best possible loan for you.

Keeping your personal information safe is our first priority

Above all else our number one priority is to ensure that this process is safe and 100% secure. Our security measures and data protections are second to none. That means you can trust us with your personal information. We employ the utmost discretion when dealing with any information provided and all information provided is used only to acquire you a loan not for any other purpose under any circumstance.
Direct loans with low interest rates
Here we pride ourselves on customer service and part of customer service is getting your client the best possible product. When it comes to Direct loans the first thing on everyone’s mind is the Direct loans interest rates. So as part of our complete commitment to the customer we guarantee the lowest available interest rates. That’s why an educated customer is our best customer. Feel free to review your loan terms and shop around. The more you shop the more you’ll appreciate our fair interest rates.
Flexible Loan Terms
Not only do we provide the lowest interest rates for Direct loans we also ensure you the greatest flexibility. Flexible loan terms means a payment that actually fits into your budget usually one tailor made to do so. So no matter your financial situation we make strenuous efforts to ensure you get an option that works for you.

Easy Direct loans
Financial difficulty happens to everyone at some point or another here we understand that. At online direct lender we believe during this difficult time the last thing you need is more stress or additional paperwork. That’s why we make getting Direct loans easy. To ensure that in these difficult times we’re a helping hand instead of another headache. When you need a little financial help and we’re here to make getting it as easy as possible.

fast easy payday loans
If your in need of fast easy payday loans we can help? No matter the purpose we understand emergencies happen and we’re willing help. We understand in this economy theirs always problems and never enough money. Here at Online Direct Lender we actually help our clients and provide 1 on 1 customer service.

OnlineDirectLender.com is a completely free service because our goal is to actually help our customers. We want to provide assistance when you need it most. This is why our clients comeback again and again. We make this whole process easy and enjoyable.

What is Online Direct Loans?
Online Direct Loans is a payday loan and installment loan network. We get you instantly to fast easy payday loans with a low interest rate. Based on the information that you provide us with, we will find the lender to meet your financial needs. Online Direct Lender is truly here to help we are completely free and we charge no fees.

Qualifying for a loan
To qualify for fast easy payday loans lenders require that clients have an active bank account or reasonable way to receive possession of the funds and some form of income so you can repay the loan.

Do I have to jump through any flaming hoops?

Online Direct Lender operates in a capacity that pulls no credit checks, has no faxing required, and performs no teletracks or similar checks. However, our end goal is of course the shortest and simplest route to getting our clients approved for a loan. So if certain information you provide is not enough to get you approved for a loan or cash advance, is inconclusive, unsubstantiated or is or appears to be false information. A reasonable lender would in many cases ask you to provide more accurate or conclusive information or perform the necessary checks solely for the purpose of approving you for a loan.