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  1. What are Direct loans?All of our loans carry low interest rates and the best terms available. We also provide options for flexible repayment and make the entire process fast and easy
  2. How can I Qualify for Direct loans ?We make it easy to get approved for Direct loans. In most cases you need the following requirements:
    • Be at least 18 years old
    • Have some form of income
    • Provide a valid home / cell phone number, along with an accurate email address
  3. How Much Can I Borrow?Most of our loan are from $100 – $3,500 dollars. However, you may qualify for much more.
  4. How Do I Get The Money?Getting Direct loans is fast, the cash is instantly wired to the account of your choice
  5. Are There Direct loans For Bad Credit ?Everyone know financial rough points happen to everyone that’s why we provide options for people of all credit levels. There are many options including Direct loans for bad credit
  6. I Want Quick Direct loans ?You can apply in under 2 minutes and get funded in less than 1 hour. We make getting Direct loans quick and easy
  7. Do you offer no fax Direct loans ?Yes, we offer the widest array of convenient loan options thus ensuring your able to get funding quickly with no fax machine required. We have the easiest no fax Direct loans anywhere.
  8. How Much Does This Cost?We are a 100% free service and provide loan placement completely free to the consumer. However your direct lender may ask for interest of course. interest rates will vary from person to person depending on your situation.
  9. I Am Already Paying Off a Payday Loan- Can I Take Out Another One?Yes, we get allot of clients simply looking to consolidate their current payday loans at a lower interest rate. We also usually can secure you better terms so your can repay your loan at your own pace.
  10. How Can I Pay Back My Loan?Most Direct loans lenders ask that you make payments on a weekly or monthly schedule, The idea is to find a loan that suits your needs best.
  11. What If I am Late Making a Payment?Every direct lender has their own policies regarding late and misses loan payments. Lenders for Direct loans tend to be fairly lenient though
  12. Will protect my information?Above all else we will protect your personal information. We employ the safest and most state of the art safety and security protocols money can buy.
  13. When Will I Be Eligible to Get A Second Loan?In most cases you can apply for another loan just a few days after your initial application. Our goal is to meet your needs no matter what they may be.
  14. Can I Extend the Repayment Period of My Loan?The majority of the options we offer are flexible and allow for extension. Our goal is to do anything we can to help you successfully complete a loan. Every specific state has their own rules and laws in regards to loan extensions.
  15. What Happens If I Don’t Repay My Loan?Our lenders are flexible however they will in most cases do everything in their power to recoup the funds they loaned you.

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How It Works Getting Direct loans is easy with online direct lender. In just seconds you can get the money you need for any expense necessary.To be funded within 24 hours simply fill out the form on the right. Its fast and its free more importantly we specialize in Direct loans Application - > Review -> Funding Getting approved for the cash you need can be fast and easy. If you'd like to be instantly approved simply apply now to your right. Once a direct lender approves the loan your required to review the loan documents and terms. That way you can be assured of your interest rate, payments, and loan terms. All with no obligation to accept the loan. That way you know you can afford the payments and exactly what your responsible for. Fast Direct loans We want to ensure you the fastest and easiest loan available so make sure you fill out the form to your right completely and that all information is accurate. By providing accurate and complete information to the lender your able to get funded much faster We want to make sure you get your Direct loans fast. Here are some general approval requirements to be funded instantly. You must be a U.S citizen. Also the majority of our lenders greatly prefer clients with an active checking account. Most lenders will also request that you state your income. With Online Direct Lender your information is 100% secure. Our site security is state of the art and any information provided will be guarded carefully. does not store your personal information any longer than needed. It is simply used for the purpose of loan approval. Then your information is wiped from our system ensuring your safety when applying.


Step 1: Fill one fast & easy form and get instantly the loan you need instantly. With no waiting and no faxing. Step 2: Once you're approved, simply review the loan documents to finalize the loan immediately. step 3: Then agree to the terms and conditions of the loan and get cash deposited instantly in your account

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